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Request a custom portrait.

Basic Process

Please fill out the form below if you’re interested in a commission from me.

You can also email me at for any other inquiries.

Quote will be provided based on size, complexity, reference pictures

Sketch ready for approval

Deposit requested

Painting commission approved and work begins

Final Review

Full payment required

Painting is shipped

Congratulations you now own an original piece of art!



The following rates are for a one-subject oil painting (rates may vary depending on the complexity of the piece).

Prices don't include shipping.Please contact me for additional sizes.

  • 16"x 20": $1800

  • 20"x 24": $2800

  • 24"x 36": $5000

  • 30"x 40": $7200



Please note that the waiting list is currently around 3-5 months

Commission Request
Upload Reference Photo (Optional)

We will be in touch shortly!

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