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The New Salon- Asheville Museum Of Art,  March 8–August 19, 2024

July,  Feature Haven Gallery

August, Small Works 2024, Beinart Gallery

August, SPECTRUM V, Archenemy Arts, Philadelphia

September, TBA, SR Gallery,  Paris, France

November, Museum TBA


April, TBA, Harman Projects

April Beautiful Bizarre Magazine 'Dreamland Awaits’ , COpro

Oct, TBA, Arch


March, TBA, Beinart Gallery



May, Beautiful Bizarre Invitational, Copro Gallery

April, PHILADELPHIA  EAGLES benefits , Archenemy Arts Gallery


December Context Art with Spoke Art

December Scope Miami with Mortal Machine

December Art Aqua Miami with Arch Enemy Arts

November, Small Wonders, Archenemy Arts

September, Wilderness IV in Oslo with Antler Gallery

September, small works, Beinart Gallery

July, 16x20, Context with Harman Projects

June, Dark Art, Beinart Gallery, Australia




November, Small Wonders, Arch Enemy Arts

November 3rd, Wilderness III in NYC, Antler Gallery

November 29, Scope with Mortal Machine Gallery, Miami

November, CONTEXT Miami, Harman Projects

Oct 14, Return Eternal, Mortal Machine Gallery, New Orleans

August 6th, dietWarhol The Art Show, La-La Land Gallery, Hollywood

August 13, Supersonic Invitational, Hashimoto Gallery

August 25, Poison Garden, Antler Gallery

August, As Above, So Below, Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia

April  1st 2022, Arch Enemy anniversary Show, Philadelphia

May, Floral Group Show, Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia

June, Small Works 2022, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne Australia

June, Tetraology, Haven Gallery, Newport, New York

July, ANIME, Spoke Art, San Francisco


November, Small Wonders 10, Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia

October, Invisible landscapes, Mortal Machine Gallery, New Orleans

July 19th, NSFW Group Show, Spoke Art Gallery, San Francisco

June,  The 10th Moleskine Project, Spoke Art Gallery, San Francisco

May, Small works, Group Show, Beinart Gallery, Australia

April , Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Invitational, Copro Gallery, LA

April, Bishop Museum Exhibit curated by Thinkspace, Hawaii

April, Tondo, Spoke Art Gallery

March, Ritual Deluxe , WowXwow Gallery ( virtual)

March, 9 Year Anniversary, Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia


December, Winter 2020, Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia

December, SCOPE Miami Beach 2020*

November 6th, Small Wonders 9, Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia

November, NSFW/Femme, Spoke Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA

November, Tapas Group Show, Thinkspace Gallery, LA

October 3rd, Supersonic Invitational, Recess/ Spoke Art, San Francisco

July, Lucid group Show, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

July, 'Monochromagic 3', WOW x WOW Gallery

July, Postcards from the pandemic, Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia

June, Mother Earth, Thinkspace Gallery, LA

June, Small Works, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

April, 8th-anniversary group show, Arch Enemy Arts, Philly

February, POW WOW! Hawaii Moleskine Show with Spoke Art

January, 15 Year Anniversary Show, Thinkspace Gallery


Dec, Thinkspace presents 12x12 Showcase, SCOPE Miami

November, CONTEXT Art Miami with Spoke Art Gallery

November 9th, Esprit de Corps Show, Haven x Modern Eden

November 9th, PAINTGUIDE X Thinkspace, Los Angeles

October 31st, Duo Exhibit, Talon Gallery, Portland, Oregon

Sept, Thinkspace 12x12 Showcase, Vertical Gallery, Chicago

August, Thinkspace 12x12 Showcase, Red Truck, New Orleans

June, Moleskine Project VIII, Spoke Art, San Francisco

June, Thinkspace 12x12 Showcase, Heron Arts, San Francisco

May, TONDO show, Talon Gallery X Spoke Art, Portland OR

April, 8th Supersonic Invitational, Hashimoto Gallery, San Francisco

April, 7 Year Anniversary show, Arch Enemy, Philadelphia

April, Flora and Fetish, online show at

April, Winderkin, WxW Gallery,

Feb 9- March 3, 2019 Solo Show, BeinArt Gallery

January, University of Texas, Rubin Center for the Visual Arts


November, Isle of Dogs tribute show, New York

November, Scope Miami, with Thinkspace Gallery

October- December, New Vanguard II, Museum of Modern Art, California

August 2018, Moleskin Project VII, Spoke Art, NYC

May 2018 Trio Show, BeinArt Gallery Australia

May 2018, 12x12 Group Show, Spoke Art, San Francisco

April 27th, SECRET WALLS Art Performance, Junction House, Toronto

April , Le Reve, Group Show, Haven Gallery , New York

February 3rd, Coen Brothers Tribute Group Show, Spoke Art

January , 7th Annual Supersonic Invitational, Spoke Art NY


November 3rd, 6th Annual Small Wonders exhibition, Archenemy Arts, Philadelphia

October 26th, BAD DADS VIII, Spoke Art

September 2017- SWANK, Thinkspace Gallery

August 5th, "NSFW", Spoke Art Gallery, San Francisco

July, Small works group show, BeinArt Gallery, Australia

May, Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum , Arizona*

April, Fort Wayne Museum of Art , Indiana*

April, Arch Enemy Arts 5th Anniversary, Philadelphia

April, In Dreams -  show tribute to David Lynch, Spoke Art Gallery New York

March, Works on Paper, Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia

February, History of Art, Haven Gallery, Northport, NY

February, Honolulu Museum of Art, Honolulu, Hawaii*

January, Supersonic Art Invitational, Spoke Art Gallery NY


December 10th, Little Big, Haven Gallery, Northport, NY

November 29th - December 4th, SCOPE Miami Beach Art Fair in Miami, FL*

November 5th - January 6th, The Brand Library and Arts Center in Glendale, CA*

October, Bad Dads, Spoke Art New York

October , Supersonic Inaugural Art Show,

September,  LAX / ORD curated show with Vertical Gallery in Chicago, IL

September, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Invitational, Modern Eden, San Francisco

September, Small works,  BeinArt Gallery, Australia

August , Anomie Group Show, Modern Eden

August , Duo Show with Courtney Brims, BeinArt Gallery, Australia

August  - October 30th, Lancaster Museum of Art and History (MOAH) in Lancaster, CA*

June, Lord of the Thrones' group show, Spoke Art Gallery

June , La Lune Group Show, Haven Gallery, Northport, NY

May, Official DISNEY Alice Art Show, Hero Complex Gallery, Los Angeles

May ,  New Contemporary Movement, Fullerton Museum Center, California*

April, Gypsy, Alexi Era Gallery, Mascoutah, IL

April, The Moleskin Exhibit, Spoke Art, San Francisco

March 12th, Inaugural Show, BeinArt Gallery, Australia

March 4th, Love Song, Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, PA

February 7th 2016, POW WOW Hawaii Art Show, The Honolulu Museum Of Art *


December, Middles Ages " The Royals" , ARCH ENEMY ARTS, Philadelphia

December, Scope Miami with Gauntlet Gallery

November, Small Wonders 4, ARCH ENEMY ARTS, Philadelphia

November , United Nations, La bodega Gallery, San Diego

November 6th 2015, Return the Wild, Auguste Clown, Australia

November , Star Wars Show, Cylinder Sounds Studios, Toronto

November, Interiors Show with Copycat Violence Collective, Sponsored by Treckell, Gristle Gallery, New York

September 12- October, 2015, The 20/20 Project, Modern Eden, San Francisco

September 12, BEACON,  Gauntlet Gallery, San Francisco

September, The 20/20 Project, Modern Eden, San Francisco

August 22- September, Transfigure, with Sarah Joncas and Kit & Corey Popp, Last Rites Gallery, New York, NY

August , Emoji Art Show, Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, PA

July, Woman X Women, Station 16 Gallery, Montreal QC

July, LVL UP, NUVANGO Art Gallery inaugural show, Toronto

July, Libertine Art Show, Gristle Tattoo, New York, NY

July, Frida Art Show, Labodega Gallery, San Diego

June, Small Works Art Show, Auguste Clown, Australia

June 20th, Ghost Stories, Penumbra Art Boutique, Portugal

April- May, TRIUMVIRATE, Gauntlet Gallery, San Francisco

March , March Showcase, Arch Enemy Arts Gallery, Philadelphia

February-March, Myth Magic and Lore, Bash Contemporary, San Francisco

February- March, Venus Art Show, La Bodega Gallery, San Diego

February, LOVE Art Show, 416 Gallery, Toronto, ON

February, Ananas/ Pineapple Art Show, 416 Gallery, Toronto

January  - February, Skateboard Show- One year Anniversary, La Bodega Gallery, San Diego, USA


December, New year's Eve Art Show, 416 Gallery, Toronto,  ON

December, Echoes of Perception Show, Red Raven Gallery, Seattle, USA

October, Enamored by Thumbprint Gallery, San Diego, California

October, Nightmare on Queen Street, 416 Gallery, Toronto, ON

September, Copycat Violence Collective Art Show, Thumbprint Gallery, San Diego, California

September, The Figurative Exhibition, Artist Resource Center of Toronto, Toronto, ON

August, Grand Opening Show, No Love Lost Tattoo Studio & Art Gallery , Bowmanville, ON

July, "Chimera" Group Show, Back to the Fuchsia Gallery, London, ON


October, "The Devil is in the details", Atomic ToyBot Gallery, Toronto, ON

September, " The Beaver Show", Atomic Toybot Gallery, Toronto, On

May,  “Monster vs Robots” Group Show, Atomic Toybot Gallery, Toronto, ON

May - June,  “Zombie” a Group Show curated by Travis Louie, Last Rites Gallery, New York, USA



2001 Art Collective, St-Augustin Art Gallery, QC

2001 Snow Sculpture Performance & Exhibit , Quebec winter festival, Quebec City, QC

1999 Snow Sculpture Performance & Exhibit , Quebec winter festival, Charlesbourg, QC

1994 Snow Sculpture Performance & Exhibit , Quebec winter festival, Charlesbourg, QC



March SOLO Exhibit, Beinart Gallery


July Beinart solo Exhibit

January, Daydream, Beinart Gallery, Australia

March Arch Enemy Arts Feature Show


Sept, Odyssey, Haven Gallery, NY

February, Solo Show, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne Australia


September, Feature Show, Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia

April , Solo Exhibit, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne Australia


September- December, Solo exhibition, Museum of Art and History, California

February, Feature Show, Haven, New York


June, "Carousel", ArchEnemy Arts Gallery, Philadelphia

Feb 9- March 3, BeinArt Gallery


August, " Voyage of the Insomniac", Thinkspace Gallery, LA


June-July, Proprioception, Haven Gallery, Northport, NY

January, "Viscera" f, Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia


July, Solo Show, Penumbra Gallery, Portugal

February 4th- 27th, , Spoke Art Gallery, San Francisco


June, "Earth Mothers", Atomic Toybot Gallery, Toronto, ON


April, “Passe-Tetes” , Atomic Toybot Gallery, Toronto, ON

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